Wedding in Syros…

Wedding in Syros the story starts…

Syros,  the best destination in the Greek Islands for 2018 according to Compass & Fork, chose Katerina and Gregoire to make their wedding in Syros.

The » isle Syria … the turning places of the sun’….» as  Ηomen mention at Odyssey (l.409), accommodated their  first days as a couple.

Many couples choose this island for make their weddings in Syros .

Our own trip started from the hotel where our couple housed a neo-classical at Ploes boutique Hotel  .

The wedding dress was waiting Katerina to be prepared for the big day.

The dress from this wedding in the Syro was made by atelier Loukia.

The groom make his preparation at Hermes Hotel in Syros.

The ceremony from this wedding in Syros being at Ag.Ioannis,Poseidoneia and the wedding party took part on Ono Concept .

Just a day before at the impressive building of Ermoupolis Τown Hall,  designed by Ernst Ziller in 1876, just few steps from Miaouli square, the civil wedding was a promising  introduction.

The whole preparation of this wedding in Syros organased by Lafete was an experience which we blessed to leave and capture was an experience which we blessed to leave and capture.

Gregoire & Katerina many thanks for your love ….